In this day and age I think to myself “What can I do to add good to the world?”
I can share inner and outer peace though Fun, Art and Meditation with as many people as I can. That's what.

In the spirit of, fun and adventure, I’m going to get on my bike in Santa Barbara and ride to San Francisco, via San Diego, Joshua Tree, Phoenix, The Grand Canyon, Utah and a lot of Nevada.

I hereby pledge that on this 2000 mile odyssey bicycle ride, I will get 2000 people that I meet along the way to frolic and meditate with me .

I'll be filming a short documentary of the entire adventure.

I need and appreciate your help with making it happen

You can follow my progress on my Blog and GPS location map at shutyourmonkey.com


Meditation is for me, the foundation of wellness for my inner and outer state of being, in body mind and spirit. 

The Conscious Relaxation that is achieved By Shutting my Monkey Mind, reveals a state of ok-ness that allows me to Mindfully Work, Artistically Create and Frolic to the best of my ability.

Reminding  people to give themselves permission
to frolic, let go...of anger, fear, etc. and embrace happiness, peace and harmony


I am going to do this as cheaply as I can, camping. hosteling and couch-surfing as much as possible, with a few nights in Motels here and there to fully rest and recover.

The reason for setting up this page, is to help with the costs of cycling gear, cybertech, daily essentials and any unforeseen costs that may pop up during this adventure, which I estimate to be around $5,000 dollars.

Here’s the breakdown of where the money will go:

Proper road gear, fit for long distance Cycling, 
 Tools, Spare Parts, Clothing (on and off the bike), Lightweight Camping Gear, Food, Camp Site Fees, Hostel Fees, and the Occasional Motel with a Pool. 

You can become a Backer by choosing one of the rewards or simply make a donation.

Your Support Is Necessary To Make This Happen

Become one of the 2000 people whos lives I hope to touch with my message of "Shut Your Monkey" to live a balanced life, full of Productivity, Fun, Wellness, Frolic, Adventure, Wisdom, Art, Meditation and Love...
... and Chocolate

Here's the List of Backer Rewards

EPIC - $2500 Mural
Hand Painted 8 foot by 8 foot Monkey Mandala Mural. I will travel to your home anywhere in the US and paint a Unique Custom Designed Monkey with a Circular Mandala

$1500 - I'll fly to any state in the US and teach my Full 'Shut Your Monkey" Meditation Workshop at your  
Corporation, School, Studio, Dojo, Private Home, Campsite, Amusement Park... Pretty much Anywhere Indoors or Outdoors.

Yep I’m a knitter - I’ll be knitting a Remnant/Scrap Scarf 12' inches wide by 6 feet long, from a variety of yarns & strings that I collect from different locations along the journey

AWESOME $600 - Dinner for 8
Fred’s Famous BBQ and Miss Ashley’s Soul Food - Pork Ribs and Your Choice of 3 Sides - Dinner & Dessert for 8 will be Packed & Shipped anywhere in the US!

Yellow/Gold Buckskin Leather Medicine Bag Necklace Handcrafted by me - (like the one I wear) filled w/ cedar & sage that I handpicked myself.

I’ll be Fude Brushing Enso Circles on Washi Rice Paper daily and mailing them to Backers from various locations during the journey

Black Leather Wrist Band 3/4 inch wide with Snap
Hand Cut, Dyed, and Tooled  by Me - (S, M, L)

Sumi Ink Brushed "Thank You" in Any Language
Postcard - Hand Brushed by Me

DELIGHTFUL $30 Abstract Water Color Thank You 4x6 Post Card - Each Completely Unique - Hand Painted by me - I never know how they're gonna come out - yet they are always Delightful.

Superb $25
Nickel O ring on Hand Cut Black Buckskin Leather Lace - (1 1/2 inch or 2 inch  ring)

Asymmetrically Cut Black Leather Key Chain - Made of a Random Morsel of Thick 8 -9oz Leather Bits Mounted on a Key Ring - Each a Unique Slice of Art

HOLLA  $10
I'll give you a  shout out on my Blog

Thank You
Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

Love In Abuncance!

More Info?

* Cycling Helmet - I want to live
* Touring Shoes - bare feet no bueno
* Cycling Gloves - frostbite sucks
* Cycling Shorts - makes my but look fantastic
* Socks - Civilized
* Leg Warmers - would rather not freeze
* Short-Sleeved Shirts - would rather not bake
* Light, Long-Sleeved Shirt - layering & fashion
* Rain gear, jacket and pants - uh..... Rain?
* Waterproof shoe covers - soggy feet no bueno

* Comfortable Shorts - uncomfortable would be silly
* Zip-off legs or rain pants  - fancy
* Underwear - Batman or Superman; Both winners
* Sandals - so as not to ruin a fresh pedicure
* Wool or Fleece Hat - San Francisco
* Wool Sweater or Fleece jacket - San Francisco
* Wool Gloves  - Why is San Francisco always so cold?
* Swimsuit - Speedo. yea I said it

* Toiletries - Morning Ablutions
* Towel - so many uses
* Leatherman - no comment
* Lightweight lock and cable - some humans suck
* Water carrying containers - dehydration no bueno
* First-aid kit with emergency numbers - and prayer
* Bandannas - 1001 uses
* Sunglasses - would rather not go blind
* Flashlight/headlamp & candles - night cookng
* Sewing kit - never leave home without it
* Insect repellent - tis the season
* Sunblock - sunburn sucks
* Nylon cord - ... consensual
* Bungie cords - ditto
* Water filter - parasites are not good pets
* Camera and journal - evidence
* Bear spray and cords to hang bags - BEARS!

* Tire levers/patch kit
* Spare tube and tire
* Mini-pump
* Blue Loctite
* Electrical tape
* Spoke wrench
* Spare spokes
* Allen wrenches
* Screwdriver
* Chain tool
* Small triangular file
* Small vice grips
* Brake cable
* Derailleur cable
* Extra nuts, bolts, and wire (particularly for racks)
* Assorted plastic zip ties
* Small chain lube and rag
* Bicycle light
* Rearview mirror
* Hoseclamp
* Spare brake pads* Spare clipless-pedal-cleat bolts
* Duct tape
Im Visualizing that I will not NEED any of these things!

* Sleeping bag - Sleeping on cold dirt is overrated
* Sleeping pad - not 20 anymore
* Lightweight Tent, with rainfly, vestibule - 
* Ground cloth - with is definitely better than without
* Eating utensils - or not
* Sleeping bag liner - San Francisco
* Backpacking Stove with fuel - cant always have a fire
* Light Cooking equipment - cast iron skillet; impractical

The Goal of his journey spread a lot of positivity, peace, love and all the good stuff I can cram into the global mix, in 2 months and beyond!