Sample Daily Schedule:


6am Morning Solo Meditation

7am Hatha Yoga Practice
8:30am Morning Mediation Practice with Instruction

9am Breakfast

10am Counselling Session

Free time

12 Noon Solo Meditation

1pm Lunch

6pm Evening Meditation with Instruction

7pm Dinner

Free time

Bedtime Solo Meditation


Early Morning Solo Meditation 20 Minutes

   Upon awakening, using the 7 steps of the SYM Meditation System learned.

   As you break your fast of unconscious rest and relaxation, your morning meditation

   will help you gain control over how you choose to consciously begin your day.


Morning Meditation with Instruction

   After morning Hatha Yoga practice, before breakfast, we will review the 7 steps of the SYM Meditation

   System with Q&A  then meditate together.



 Mid-Day Solo Meditation Noon

   After breakfast, counselling and free Morning Time,

   You will Meditate for 20 minutes, solo,  practicing the 7 steps of the SYM Meditation System

   With extra focus on form, posture and pranayama techniques


Early Evening Meditation with Instruction

   After sunset, We will study deeper aspects of the 7 steps of the SYM Meditation System

   The evening session will include readings, writings on the subject of meditation  and “checking in”


Evening Solo Meditation

   At the end of your day – Just before bed

   You will meditate for 20 Minutes Solo practicing the 7 Steps of the SYM Meditation System



You choose the environment and location you are most drawn to: the desert, hills, mountains, woods, beach, tropical…

Tuition does not include Air Fare, Transportation, Meals or Accommodations for 2

Your choices of accommodations, include, but are not limited to: tents, camps, hostels, guest houses, hotels and resorts.  

For more information contact 



Based on your personal level of fitness - Introductory, Beginner, intermediate or Advanced, you will receive a 90 minute Private Hatha Yoga Session every morning.

Hatha Yoga (physical yoga practice) was created to support the practice of meditation. The Better you feel physically, the longer you can sit comfortably in stillness

Nutrition Consultation

The Shut Your Monkey Approach to Nutrition is very simple

You can eat whatever you choose to eat.

We take an honest look at what foods you like and crunch the nutritional numbers analyzing the nutritional value of your habitual intake of food, beverages and supplements.

Rather than omitting any foods you love, we will actually add a variety of foods and beverages to balance your daily nutritional needs.  It’s all about moderation and empowering your choices.

You can eat whatever you choose to eat.


 Simply put; We chat.  Allowing you to talk honestly about your present situations, conditions, feelings and personal goals in a confidential and safe 1 on 1 environment. Together we will create a custom daily regimen / game plan for the continuous health of your body, mind and spirit

“Better out than in” is a fun phrase that actually harbors a lot of truth. Releasing your true creative self-expression, is an integral part of    inner-self transformation... opening your heart.

Making art without judgement is healing and this is a safe place to “play”. 

Free Self Expression is a therapeutic way to process and discover new relationships with your self and the world around you.

Art has many forms. The aesthetic expression or application of your personal creative skills and imagination, through sketching, painting, sculpture or other art forms, produces works of art to be appreciated for their beauty as well as their emotional power.

Creative Expression

You will keep a daily journal.

As simple or detailed as you choose enjoying the freedom to think in writing.

Daily informal, casual writing will help you clarify your thoughts. giving you the opportunity to discover what you think and how you feel about different experiences during your retreat.