Day 37 of 108 Consecutive Days of Yoga Practice- Today's photo and Inspiration

Alison Robbins, Brighton England

"As I write this today I'm 8 days past a massive operation and I physically cannot do any yoga poses (or much of anything!). However, my practise is still with me, in how I sit, how I stand, how I close my eyes and find stillness for a moment. It is with me in the compassion I hope I bear for others and the patience I try to show myself. It has allowed me to see myself as strong, and allowed me to laugh when I fall over! I'm still itching to get back on the mat though"                          -  Alison

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Spirit and Nature

ॐ गोविन्द विप्रयोगाधि-दाव-दग्धन्तरात्मने नमः ।

oṃ gōvinda viprayōgādhi-dāva-dagdhantarātmanē namaḥ