Day 31 of 108 Consecutive Days of Yoga Practice Today's photo and Inspiration

Chris Burn, UK

"I've just spent 3 days skiing, for the first time in 8 years - about as long as I've been practicing yoga - and could really feel the physical benefits of body strength, hip flexibility in the turns and aerobic capacity. Apparently my core strength also came in handy in getting me quickly back on my feet after a fall - quite often on day one! I always start to miss my practice if I'm unable to do it for a few days, so this opportunity to pose ( amongst the other poseurs) was very welcome!"      - Best wishes, Chris

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ॐ दरिद्र-जनता-हस्त-समर्पित निजान्धसे नमः ।

oṃ daridra-janatā-hasta-samarpita nijāndhasē namaḥ