Day 43 of 108 Consecutive Days of Yoga Practice- Today's photo and Inspiration

Michelle Gigante,  Buffalo New York

"My daily practice consists of chanting, a Vinyasa form of asana and seated meditation. I find when I begin with chanting Divine names it opens me easily, surrenders me greatly and deepens my inward connection dramatically. The rest of my practice merely unfolds from this tuning in process. The practice to me is the practice (of living). I attempt to meet what life sends me on any given day in such a way that I join to it with as little resistance and as much openness as possible. ... I find that when I link the breath to the motion using salutations to usher me in and out of the poses energy channels open. This creates a greater circulatory flow within me. That flow carries me through my day aiding me in letting go into the flow of life. My practice culminates with a long sit to simply listen inward as I stay connected outward. My practice of yoga is to meet life as it meets me."  - Michelle 

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Sensory Beauty

ॐ सार्वत्रिक हृषीकेश सान्निध्य लहरी-स्पृशे नमः ।

oṃ sārvatrika hṛṣīkēśa sānnidhya laharī-spṛśē namaḥ