Day 38 of 108 Consecutive Days of Yoga Practice- Today's photo and Inspiration

Ronney Rendon, San Antonio Texas, USA

"I start each day with 15 minuntes of silent meditation. sometimes it's more. this time is when i connect with the calm that carries me through anything that happens during the day. anything that tries to shake me, move me or nock me off my center, i go back to my morning sitting meditation and remind myself, to. breath. suddenly i'm calm again. and ready to move on to my next task." - Ronney

Join me in 108 consecutive days of Hatha Yoga Practice

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You Can Do It
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Falling and Getting Back Up

ॐ वियोग-शोक-सम्मूर्च्छा-मुहुः-पतित-वर्ष्मणे नमः ।

oṃ viyōga-śōka-sammūrcchā-muhuḥ-patita-varṣmaṇē namaḥ