Day 12 of 108 Consecutive Days of Yoga Practice- Today's photo and Inspiration - Morris Capoeira -Malmö, Sweden

"I can tell you the story and it's a very simple one, by simple I don't mean less important :) I was in a Photoshoot and I was warming up, I was a bit sore/stiff that day so the warm up wasn't working, then all of a sudden my friends dog came into the room and decided to sit next to me. That small gesture of love made me smile and warmed me up more than any other exercise.Needless to say I also felt grateful for the loving message and compassionate towards the doggy who I cuddled up with for a bit before continuing with the Photoshoot. (Aidan Orange photography)

Since then I start my practice by having a beautiful loving thought or just by remembering that day before I even do anything with my body."

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ॐ शश्वदव्यक्त-वर्त्मने नमः ।

oṃ śaśvadavyakta-vartmanē namaḥ