Day 30 of 108 Consecutive Days of Yoga Practice Today's photo and Inspiration

Haize Hawke, Los Angeles California

"I started my yoga practice because my life started getting crazy busy. I am a mother of 3 very activated children and have a business as a Birth Intuitive, Midwife, Couples and Individual counselor and a Birth Doula. I needed help navigating my life which from the outside could seem like a lot but for me it is all the healing arts. Leading a heart led life was mandatory. In order to do that I needed to see the through line and yoga helps me through it while being grounded and connected to Source. Yoga allows me to flow from Haize to Witchhaizel and back again gracefully"  - Haize

Join me in 108 consecutive days of Hatha Yoga Practice

Followed by Meditation

You Can Do It
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Practice Yoga followed by Meditation for 108 Consecutive Days in a row
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ॐ नैसर्गिक-दयातीर्थ-स्नान-क्लिन्नान्तरात्मने नमः ।

oṃ naisargika-dayātīrtha-snāna-klinnāntarātmanē namaḥ